Netherlands 2020 – Director: Heddy Honigmann – Cinematography: Adri Schrover – Starring: Mit Shirley Zussman, Laila Myrhaug, Irwin Corey, Viola Smith, Hans Maier, Mathilde Freund, Raul Jerí – 93 minutes

In “100UP,” director Heddy Honigmann meets a colorful mix of people who are over 100 years old, from a wide variety of countries and cultures, all still enjoying life.

A doctor from Lima continues to work in the hospital, in New York a sexologist philosophizes about the loneliness of a generation, while elsewhere in the city a student diligently attends lectures at the university. They talk about how they deal with old age, how happy they are despite physical ailments and the threat of death, and how precious life is to them. In the process, Honigmann meets people in their own homes, goes through everyday life with them, observing and capturing life as it unfolds before their own eyes. Each reveals their story in their own way, sometimes with humor and sometimes with a touch of melancholy. The film is not about the big moments in life, but about the small ones that happen every day.

Heddy Honigmann




2020 100UP
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