Dead & Beautiful

Netherlands, Taiwan 2021 – Director & Screenplay: David Verbeek – Cinematography: Jasper Wolf – Music: Rutger Reinders – Starring: Aviis Zhong, Gijs Blom, Yen Tsao, Anechka Marchenko, Cheng-En Philip Juan u.a. – 98 minutes

A group of young, privileged metropolitans wake up after a night of drinking to find that they have developed an insatiable thirst for flesh, blood and adventure at any cost. David Verbeek’s psychological thriller is a riveting horror vision bathed in indulgent, neon-soaked imagery.

An Asian megacity, today. After a shamanistic ritual, a group of young, wealthy friends wake up from their drunken stupor and make a bizarre discovery: each of them has grown a pair of fangs – vampire fangs.

Initially confused, the group finds that they feel stronger and more attractive than ever before. As they try to come to terms with their new situation, they lose themselves in a grotesque game in which the boundaries between life, love and death become blurred. Gradually, it dawns on the group that they can no longer trust each other. And no one can be sure what the vampires are all about – or if any of it is real at all.

David Verbeek

David Verbeek (1980, Netherlands) studied film, photography and philosophy at the New School University in New York, and film directing at the Netherlands Film Academy, where he graduated in 2005. During his studies he completed his first feature, Beat (2004), which was selected for IFFR. In 2010, R U There was selected for the prestigious programme section Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival. 



2021 Dead & Beautiful
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