Diaspora Shorts

I AM (D 2020 · R: Jerry Hoffmann · dt. OmeU)
TIMOUN AW (YOUR KID) (F 2019 · R: Nelson Foix · franz./creol. OmeU)
ETHEREALITY (CH 2019 · R: Kantarama Gahigiri · engl. OmeU)
SCHWEIGEMAHL (D 2020 · R: Horst Wegener & Arne Schramm · 11:00
THE BLACK FRIEND · USA 2020 · R: Landon Moss · engl. OF)
DỌLÁPỌ̀ IS FINE (GB 2020 · R: Ethosheia Hylton engl.OF)

Curated by filmmakers Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye and Abel Michael, the program is an intensive short film series that addresses and processes the identity issues of Black people in a variety of ways. The six films ask profound questions about origin, appearance and society. Some of the scenes will be familiar to Black people, while others will immerse you in the film world. While Schweigemahl, The Black Friend and Dọlápọ̀ Is Fine vividly show how structural and everyday racism works, ethereality and Timoun Aw depict very personal realities that invite white viewers in particular to listen.

The films leave an impact, and while some stories are thematically overarching, others stand entirely on their own. The latter is also true for the short film I Am. At first glance, the film has nothing to do with Black people’s identity issues, but it features an apocalyptic film starring Black women for the first time!

“Diaspora Shorts” impressively and honestly questions the real conditions, emotions, expectations and experiences of Black people.

(Ethel Assiobo)

Timoun Aw
I AM · Germany 2020 · D: Jerry Hoffmann · dt. OmeU · 27:00
TIMOUN AW (YOUR KID) · France 2019 · D: Nelson Foix · franz./creol. OmeU · 28:00
ETHEREALITY · Switzerland 2019 · D: Kantarama Gahigiri · engl. OmeU · 15:00
SCHWEIGEMAHL · Germany 2020 · D: Horst Wegener & Arne Schramm · 11:00
THE BLACK FRIEND · USA 2020 · D: Landon Moss · engl.
OF · 11:00
DỌLÁPỌ̀ IS FINE · Great Britain 2020 · D: Ethosheia Hylton engl.OF · 15:00