Film without barriers: How do we create accessible films for all?

Panel discussion: The film and cinema industry has included in some funding regulations that films in Germany must be barrier-free. Accordingly, a film needs subtitles, an audio description and sign language.

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The German film and cinema industry has included barrier-free access to films in some of their funding regulations. Accordingly, a film needs subtitles, an audio description and sign language, because many people often do not have the opportunity to receive all films, while the majority society does. In addition to the films themselves, some movie theaters are also not accessible for people with disabilities because they are not barrier-free. 

In the panel discussion, we want to engage in conversation with people from associations and with disabilities to make their experiences and perspectives visible.

This also raises the questions: How many films in the German film industry are actually accessible? How do people with disabilities, who are not able to receive all the films they want, feel? What problems do they face? How does it feel not to be able to participate in the cinema and film landscape like the majority of society? What does accessibility mean in the film and cinema industry? What needs to be done to make a film and a movie theater accessible to everyone? How expensive is an accessible film? What are the requirements in the theater and which of them must be met?

Moderation: Jens Schneiderheinze, Linse e.V. 


Jürgen Brackmann, German Association for the Hard of Hearing e.V. 

Bernhard Brämswig, subtitle workshop Münster

Barbara Fickert, Managing Director, Blindgängerin Berlin (via Zoom) 

Petra Töns, Management Team, Reading and Visual Impairment Association Münster

Doris Rüter, representative for people with disabilities of the city of Münster (requested)

The Schloßtheater is barrier-free and the event will be translated via sign language and streamed live via ZOOM on the internet.

More information and event link here: 

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