Short Film Competition Program III

Thea & Tuva (N 2020, R: Kristian B. Walters)
Trübes Wasser (D 2020, R: Elena Wiener)
Der Dreher – 81RPM (D 2021, R: Robin Trouillet)
Spellbound (D 2021, R: Patrick Müller)
À L´Ouest (F 2020, R: Antonin Bonnot)
X (D 2020, R: Mareike Wegener)


Norway 2020 – 22:46 min – Director: Kristian B. Walters

The teen sisters Thea and Tuva spend their days in town to get away from their alcoholic mother and her partying friends. One day they spot a five year old girl alone in a shopping centre and take her with them. What starts off as fun and games soon becomes dangerous.

Biography Kristian B. Walters

Kristian B. Walters’ (b. 1969) cartoons have been printed in over 500 publications in 10 countries. In 2007 he turned to film and has since written, directed and produced a number of short films. His short films have been screened at many prestigious film festivals around the world. He has also written several scripts for feature films.


2020 Thea & Tuva
2018 The Puppy
2014 Dot Delight
2012 Sykkelen min

© Marius Vervik



Germany 2020 – 09:58 min – Director: Elena Wiener

What do you do when your body eats you up? When the fight against yourself overshadows your everyday life, your relationships and your freedom? A fascinating animation about fighting autoimmune diseases and inner demons.

Biography Elena Wiener

Elena Wiener graduated from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Art History and Culture Studies and the University of Wuppertal in Film and Design. TROUBLED WATER is her graduation film. She lives and works in Cologne, Germany.


2020 Trübes Wasser
2019 Dutch Wife
2016 Morphosis*


Turning Man – 81RPM

Germany 2021 – 13:58 min – Director: Robin Trouillet

Jürgen Leppert, also known as “Der Dreher” or “Der Kreisel” is a graduate engineer, speaker inventor, 360 degree dancer, gifted Frisbee player and thoroughbred 68er. Everything revolves around the Karlsruher legend, and not just on the dance floor. A declaration of love to music, dancing and rebellion.

Biography Robin Trouillet

Robin Trouillet, 26, studies media, art and production in Offenburg. With internships in Hamburg and Munich as well as working on various projects, he gained his experience in the film business. As a filmmaker and director, he seeks stories and images that touch people, regardless of genre. Besides his studies he works as a freelancer and is always open for new unconventional ideas.


2021 Turning Man – 81RPM
2019 Wayout
2018 Herzblut



Germany 2021 – 05:00 min – Director: Patrick Müller

In Emily Brontë’s world, a young woman is under a spell of blind forces of compulsion acting to draw her towards an unnamed darkness from which she cannot escape. Shot in 16mm on a 1963 Bolex camera during the lockdown and an unusually harsh winter.

Biography Patrick Müller

Born in 1981 in Frankenberg, GDR. Studies and diploma in industrial engineering in Mittweida. Subsequently, language studies at the Sorbonne Université in Paris and regular visits to the Cinémathèque Française. Since 2008, over 40 short films, most of them shot on Super8/16mm film. His films have screened internationally at numerous festivals and have won multiple awards.


2021 Spellbound
2019 Blink of Neon Eyes
2019 The Garden

© Anne Gretschmar



France 2020 – 18:53 min – Director: Antonin Bonnot

Tom, 19, is lost in the world surrounding him. He attends his last year in high school and lives with his parents. They want him to become an engineer. His lifelong dream, however, is to become a cowboy. But how do you manage to listen to your heart in order to go your own way?

Biography Antonin Bonnot

Antonin Bonnot, 22, is a young French director. He studied at Claude Lelouch’s cinema school, Les Ateliers du Cinéma. À L’Ouest, produced in 2020, is his first short film.


2018 C’était un rendez-vous bourgogne-helanshan

© Lorène Hivet



Germany 2020 – 28:50 min – Director: Mareike Wegener 

X is a cinematic ritual aimed at appeasing the ancestral spirits of the industrial workforce. The short film is a reimagination of the demonic crossroad myth and is inspired by the lives of the filmmaker’s father and grandfather, who also play the lead roles.

Biography Mareike Wegener

Born and raised in Münsterland, Westphalia. Studied audiovisual media at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, majoring in painting and documentary film. 2007 scholarship holder at the New School, New York in the Documentary Media Studies program. Since 2008 working as a freelance writer, director and editor.


2020 X
2012 Mark Lombardi – Kunst und Konspiration
2008 Al Hansen – The Matchstick Traveller

© Tomasz Stańczak