Short Film Competition Program IV

Otava (SVN 2021, R: Lana Bregar)
“Er còllera mòribbus” conversazione all’osteria di piazza della Gensola (IT 2020, R: Matteo De Laurentiis & Katia Franco)
L´Episode (F 2020, R: Simon Bonanni)
CONNY – Drake ist auch nicht glücklich (D 2021, R: Fiter Muzaqi)
Hands (RUS 2020, R: Katya Skakun)
Hotel Astoria (D 2020, R: Alina Cyranek & Falk Schuster)


Slovenia 2021 – 14:36 min – Director: Lana Bregar

Otava is a poetic, rural, almost dialogue-less film dealing with topic of losing a loved one.

The young girl Loti lives on her grandmother’s farm. Between them there is not only 50 years of age difference, but above all their connection is missing – Loti’s mother.

Biography Lana Bregar

Born in 1998, Lana Bregar studied photography at the Secondary School for Design and Photography in Ljubljana. But photography was not her only passion. While in school, she felt a desire to link stories into a more unified whole and began making films. Her education continues at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, where she is majoring in film and television directing.


2021 Otava
2019 I See The Dark
2018 Soil Stories



Italy 2020 – 07:49 min – Directors: Matteo De Laurentiis & Katia Franco

March 2020. In the midst of pandemic and lockdown, Rome, now free from the chaos that normally imprisons it every day, silently celebrates its churches and empty streets.

Lost in the contemplation of a beauty that seems to endure perfectly well without human beings, the question arises: what will become of us?

Biography Matteo De Laurentiis & Katia Franco

Matteo De Laurentiis was born in San Marino in 1968. He began working on numerous film productions at a young age. He has been an executive producer since the early 2000s; films such as La Bestia nel cuore, Non ti muovereand Mio fratello è figlio unico, as well as television series such as Romanzo Criminale, Gomorrah and ZeroZeroZero are just some of the titles Matteo has worked on over the years.

Katia Franco was born in Turin in 1974. She graduated from the University of Turin in the Department of Modern Literature, Art History and Film. Over the years she has collaborated with leading Italian directors. In her career she has held leading positions in the departments of direction and production, until today she devotes herself entirely to the organization of films and television series.


2020 “Er còllera mòribbus” conversazione all’osteria di piazza della Gensola



France 2020 – 23:02 min – Director: Simon Bonanni

Zoé and Léo are in a relationship crisis. While on vacation in the south of France, they learn of the existence of a local meteorological phenomenon that seems catastrophic and mysterious. Their relationship continues to crumble as the threat of the so-called “episode” grows.

Biografie Simon Bonanni

Simon Bonanni was born 30 years ago in Nancy, a city in northeastern France. His film studies took him to Strasbourg, then to Paris to the Louis Lumière Film School, where he made his first short films. Today he focuses on short films, documentaries and collaborates with visual artists.


2020 L’Episode
2019 Copiétons
2016 Les Médouny



Germany 2021 – 05:50 min – Director: Fitore Muzaqi

“If Drake is not happy, then I see black. Capitalism has failed.” Drake can have it all: Hot women, fast cars, big houses, jewelry. But is he really happy with it? A colorful music video about the dark side of the supposedly unlimited wealth.

Biografie Fitore Muzaqi

Fitore Muzaqi is a director from Cologne. She has already worked for WDR as a trailer producer, as an online producer in the entertainment sector, as a junior producer at COIN FILM GmbH and currently as a creative producer for COSMO WDR. In addition to her voluntary work on the board of AG DOK West, she has been a member of WIFT Germany since 2017 and has also been involved there as a representative for Cologne since 2020.


2021 Hella & Bernd
2021 Conny – Drake ist auch nicht glücklich
2017 Drewxhill – Admantium



Russia 2020 – 19:52 min – Director: Katya Skakun

A mother of two is trapped in her toxic marriage. Time and again, her husband gets physical, but just as often, she receives his unpredictable affection.  When he breaks her arm, unimagined forces are released in her and she resists.

Biography Katya Skakun

Katya Skakun grew up in a small town on the Barents Sea in the Russian Arctic and is now a filmmaker living in New York. In 2018, she participated in the Documentary Summer School at the Locarno Film Festival. She also attended the Cannes Film Festival in 2019 as part of Columbia University’s Production Initiative. In 2020, she earned her MFA in Film from Columbia University’s School of the Arts.


2020 Hands
2020 Brighton
2018 Dave



Germany 2020 – 28:00 min – Directors: Alina Cyranek & Falk Schuster

Leipzig, 1996: Seven years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the curtain also falls on the legendary Hotel Astoria. Memories of this exclusive place in GDR times are brought to life through a mixture of archive footage and animation. A film that reveals the gray areas between propaganda and reality.

Biography Alina Cyranek & Falk Schuster

Alina Cyranek graduated with a double master’s degree in media arts from Bauhaus University Weimar and Tongji University Shanghai with a focus on documentary and experimental film. Alina is a member of Filmverband Sachsen, where she also serves on the board. She lives and works in Leipzig.

Falk Schuster graduated in design at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle and founded the animation studio animated stories. His productions won a variety of awards. Since 2014, Falk Schuster has held teaching positions at the Kunsthochschule Halle and the HFF Munich. He lives and works in Halle / Saale.


2020 Hotel Astoria
2019 The Party Manual
2018 I Love My Carl

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