Short Film Competition Program V

Sinking Ships (D 2020, R: Andreas Kessler)
Wasteland (SWE 2020, R: Daniel Milton)
The Lost Wedding Ring (D 2020, R: Elisabeth Jakobi)
The Washing Machine (AUT 2020, R: Dominik Hartl)
Castorocene (GBR 2021, R: George Finlay Ramsay)
Pommes Paradies (D 2020, R: Paulo Menezes)


Germany 2020 – 21:25 min – Director: Andreas Kessler

Sara endured many years in a relationship full of control and violence. As she and her family go on vacation, an opportunity to break away suddenly presents itself.

Biography Andreas Kessler

He made his first short films at the age of 14, which were soon shown at international film festivals and won awards. After finishing school, he completed internships at ZDF, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Tatort, among others. Andreas Kessler studies scenic directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.


2019 Sinkende Schiffe 
2017 Blind Audition 
2016 Mitfahrer 

© Undi Lee


Sweden 2020 – 19:18 min – Director: Daniel Milton

Värmland is a swedish province in the interior. It is considered a region with no shopping, no entertainment and no universities, offering nothing of value – a wasteland. What does the future hold for the young people living there? A snapshot of life far from the city.

Biography Daniel Milton

Daniel Milton lives in Stockholm, but grew up in the countryside and knows the ins and outs of growing up in a place far from the big cities. But it always appealed to him to lead a very different life and so he left the rural world behind as soon as he had the chance. Between 2016 and 2018, Daniel Milton accompanied the protagonists of his film as a still photographer, focusing on the nightlife of the Swedish “Raggare” culture. After countless hours spent together, a close bond was formed between them.


2021 Lost in Latgale
2020 Wasteland
2020 Skräpytan

© Julian Milton



Germany 2020 – 04:15 min – Director: Elisabeth Jakobi

A tourist who came to Tehran for a nose job loses her wedding ring. While her husband pursues his hobbies and the employees search the hotel for the lost item, she finds the peace she was looking for.

Biography Elisabeth Jakobi

After completing the BA course in Visual Communication at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Elisabeth Jakobi began studying Animation at the Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.


2020 Walking While Falling
2020 The Lost Wedding Ring
2019 Kantentanz

(Contact: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF:


Austria 2020 – 24:28 min – Director: Dominik Hartl 

A young couple needs to get rid of their broken washing machine. They decide to sell it online. Hassan replies and actually picks it up. When Hassan’s apartment is flooded, things get out of control. An entertaining observational study of prejudice and a guilty conscience.

Biography Dominik Hartl

Dominik Hartl is an Austrian director and writer. He studied directing and screenwriting at the Vienna Film Academy. His graduation film is the award-winning horror comedy Spitzendeckchen. Hartl’s third feature film Die letzte Party deines Lebens, a teen slasher/thriller, premiered in March 2018 and was one of the highest-grossing Austrian films of the year.


2020 Die Waschmaschine
2017 Die letzte Party deines Lebens
2016 Angriff der Lederhosenzombies



United Kingdom 2021 – 11:17 min – Director: George Finlay Ramsay

After humans have destroyed the world an unnamed beast swims up from a forgotten swamp and rebuilds the world from zilch. CASTOROCENE, shifting between essay and semi-fictionalised nature documentary, is a ‘film pome’ dedicated to one of nature’s great architects.

Biography George Finlay Ramsay

George Finlay Ramsay is an artist from Scotland. He works in film, poetry, performance, music, installations, and more.


2021 Castorocene
2019 Book of Regrets: For Kamchatka
2019 Stromboli: Interview with A Volcano

© Alexander Hetherington



Germany 2020 – 19:40 min – Director: Paulo Menezes

A story about death, love, fries and broken hearts that takes the audience to the cemetery, the pool and the snack bar and makes them witness black voodoo magic. Absurd, bizarre and fascinating.

Biography Paulo Menezes

Paulo Menezes is a Brazilian filmmaker. He studied film and television production in London and after graduating he worked on several productions in Brazil and the UK before deciding to direct his own stories. He currently lives in Berlin, where he studies directing at the DFFB (German Film and Television Academy Berlin).


2020 Pommes Paradies
2019 Lolo
2015 Xampy

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