Mi iubita, mon amour

France 2021 – Director: Noémie Merlant – Screenplay: Gimi-Nicolae Covaci & Noémie Merlant – Cinematography: Evgenia Alexandrova – Music: Saycet – Starring Noémie Merlant, Gimi-Nicolae Covaci, Sanda Codreanu, Clara Lama-Schmit, Alexia Lefaix and more – OmeU – 95 minutes

Noémie Merlant had her big breakthrough in Céline Sciamma’s masterful film “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”. Now, after two short films of her own, she presents her directorial debut of a feature-length film.

Jeanne is traveling to Romania to celebrate her bachelorette party with her friends when she meets Nino. She’s 27, he’s 17, and they’re worlds apart, but for them it’s the beginning of a passionate and timeless summer.

Just a camerawoman and a sound technician with them, Noémie Merlant and Gimi-Nicolae Covaci filmed their joint screenplay full of improvisations and irrepressible energy. Their story of a summer romance with a built-in expiration date captivates with its authentic glimpses into the lives of a Roma family who, contrary to the usual narrative, welcome the stranded French women into their midst, and in the course of which both sides free themselves from their prejudices.

Noémie Merlant

Noémie Merlant worked as a model after graduating from school and then studied acting at the Cours Florent in Paris. One of her first roles was in the horror drama L’orpheline avec en plus un bras en moins (2011). She was nominated for a César for Best Young Actress in 2017 for the film Heaven Will Wait. She also received much attention for her role in the film Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019). She was awarded the Prix Lumières for Best Leading Actress for her performance and was also nominated again for a César. In addition to her work as an actress, she has also made her first attempts as a director and screenwriter and is thus responsible for two short films.

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