Stadt der Hoffnung / City of Hope

Germany 2021 – Director & Screenplay: Julia Jacob – Artistic advisor: Tom Lass – Editing: Romola Davies – Starring: Ilayda Cilingir, Simge Kütük, Altan Mithat Öztürk, Yavuz Gökmen u.a. – Episode 1 (Family): 44 minutes, Episode 2 (Freedom): 44 minutes

German premiere at the Münster Film Festival: The pilot episodes for a modern Münsterland youth series that highlights different characters and their relationships against the backdrop of difficult life situations.

The world of the New German Kids in a small town in the south of Münsterland in the late 2010s. The pilot episodes focus on Enver and Selma, two mismatched siblings who join forces in their ordeals of emancipation and get to really know each other for the first time. We dive into their Turkish-Muslim microcosm, and the Arameans and their religious culture are also illuminated. It’s about love, about loyalty, about faith and the search for one’s own identity. Thus, a kaleidoscope of site-specific contemporary history unfolds in the field of tension between tradition and modernity.

The material was originally created with 60 participants of three successive writing workshops. From 2017 to 2019, over 300 Ahlen citizens volunteered in front of and behind the camera. The focus is on film education for all participants, amateurs and semi-professionals, especially young people and students* aged 14-25. Furthermore, inclusion of people with physical, mental and psychological impairment is a matter of course and integration into the film team is a prerequisite for successful implementation. The filming and post-production were realized according to professional standards.

The protagonists of the series: Enver und Selma.