Westphalia Connection Program I

Alone (D 2021 – R: Amechi Oji & Jakob Bey)
Das abstürzende Luftschiff (D 2020 – R: Ivan Dubrovin)
Mavis und Kosmas (D 2020 – R: Zauri Matikashvili)
Jack & June (D 2020 – R: T. Olcay, R. Nitsch & P. Hilgedieck)
Keines Menschen eigen (D 2020 – R: Bettina Henningsen)
weg von hier (D 2021 – R: Jan Thierhoff)


Germany 2021 – 05:30 min – Director: Amechi Oji & Jakob Bey

Luke is new in town and alone – until he meets Chris. Their paths cross again and again, but their encounter on a highway bridge ends disastrously and Luke’s reality shifts increasingly. A dark film by two up-and-coming filmmakers about loneliness and suicide.

Biography Amechi Oji & Jakob Bey

Amechi Oji and Jakob Bey have been making films ever since they met. Last year, they decided to deal increasingly with important social issues in their films. They write and produce their films themselves and even played the roles of the leading characters in Alone. Currently, Amechi and Jakob are working on their new project: Neo. A film about racism and Nazis.


2021 Neo
2021 Alone
2020 Everyday

(Contact: msbostudios@gmail.com)


Germany 2020 – 12:59 min – Director: Ivan Dubrovin

A fantastic city in the clouds is about to fall from the sky. A young woman tries to prevent the disaster, while a young man avows his love for her and a self-complacent mayor honors her efforts but eventually does not implement her measures. A modern fairy tale about the inevitable end of the world.

Biography Ivan Dubrovin

Ivan Dubrovin grew up in Münster, Germany. After graduating from high school, he lived in Mumbai, India for two months, where he shot a short film. After two directing internships, (including Deutsches Theater Berlin) and a technical internship at a production company, he was accepted at the HFF Munich.


2020 Das abstürzende Luftschiff
2018 I Want To Be Famous
2016 Das Dorf

© Georg Klein

(Contact: ivan.dubrovin@campus.hff-muc.de)


Germany 2020 – 16:29 – Director: Zauri Matikashvili

Art Academy Münster, early in the morning: empty corridors, deserted studio spaces. Only cleaners Mavis and Kosmas break the silence, as they scrape paint from the sinks, mop floors, dispose of trash. We look over their shoulders. A documentary about the people behind the scenes.

Biography Zauri Matikashvili

Born and raised in Kvareli, Georgia, Zauri Matikashvili moved to Germany in 2003. From 2014 to 2019 he studied at Kunstakademie Münster with Prof. Aernout Mik and at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Prof. Marcel Odenbach. In 2017, he co-designed the “Grandtour” for Skulptur Projekte Münster. In 2022, he will be fellow at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.



2021 Auf dieser Seite der Gleise
2021 Corona Rebellen
2020 Mavis & Kosmas

© Volker Renner

(Contact: sauri_mati@yahoo.de)


Germany 2020 – 14:15 min – Director: Tim Olcay, Paul Hilgedieck, Rilana Nitsch

Jack and June do not seem to be that fond of each other: Misunderstandings and discussions instead of romance and passion are their daily fare. To escape their unsatisfying relationship, they escape into their movie-inspired fantasies – where they suddenly find themselves fighting side by side again. Reality and illusion merge increasingly.

Biografie Tim Olcay, Paul Hilgedieck, Rilana Nitsch

Tim Olcay was born in Münster, Germany. He was trained as an actor at August Everding Theater Academy Munich and Ivana Chubbuck Studios Los Angeles. Works as an actor and producer.

(Filmography: 2021 Three Colors of Life, 2020 Jack & June, 2020 The Queens Gambit)

Paul Hilgedieck was born in Bünde, Germany. He was trained as a dancer and performer at Dance Studios Rebeltanz in Münster, Germany and the London Studio Centre for Performing Arts in Great Britain. Works as a choreographer, creative director, performer and producer.

(Filmography: 2020 Jack & June, 2017 Stay Still, 2017 Babylon Berlin)

Rilana Nitsch was born in Dachau, Germany. She was trained as an actress at Theater Academy Zebroni Munich and the Lee Stasberg Theater & Film Institute in New York. Works as an actress, voice-over speaker and producer.

(Filmography: 2021 Tatort, 2020 Jack & June, 2017 Dieses bescheuerte Herz)

Rilana Nitsch © Zauke
Paul Hilgedieck © Tim Oclay
Tim Olcay © Paul Hilgedieck

(Contact: info@timolcay.com)


Germany 2020 – 08:51 min – Director: Bettina Henningsen

Two dancers go on a journey through time, they stride through the chambers of Burg Hülshoff (a castle), which – just like ghosts – pass through the bodies. Bodies are inscribed and script is embodied. The words of the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, whose legacy defines the castle, hover over it all.

Biography TanzPoeten Kollektiv

Bettina Henningsen, born in Flensburg in 1974, studied Modern German Literature and History at Freie Universität Berlin. She is a dramaturg and directs dance theater projects and multimedia performances. In 2016, she founded the artist collective “TanzPoeten” together with Joachim Goldschmidt and Dean Ruddock. They develop new hybrid and experimental art formats at the interface of literature and dance. Also, she is a curator and cultural manager and works in cultural education.

Dean Ruddock was born in Paderborn in 1992. He first studied Linguistics, then Popular Music and Media at the University of Paderborn. In 2019, he moved to Weimar to study Media Arts and Media Design with a focus on experimental radio at Bauhaus University.

Joachim Goldschmidt. After completing his education in 1993 (dancing/directing/dramaturgy at Folkwang University in Essen), Joachim Goldschmidt was exclusively responsible for the Folkwang Tanzstudio. Since 1999, he has been working as a freelance production dramaturg.


Germany 2021 – Director: Jan Thierhoff – 28:30 min

Leon is tired of his daily biking routes through the city and the odd jobs keeping him above water. He longs to start a new life somewhere far away – together with Christina. Maybe France? Or even Canada? Leon does not care. A black-and-white film about the urge to break free.

Biography Jan Thierhoff

Jan Thierhoff was born in “the Pott” (Ruhr area), grew up in Düsseldorf, dropped out of architecture studies and somehow graduated by directing the film away from here. He works as a freelance filmmaker and on the demise of classic cinema. #sorry

(Contact: weg_von_hier@janthierhoff.de)