Westphalia Connection Program II

Aus aktuellem Anlass (D 2020 – R: J. Klais & F. Pawliczek)
Techtelmechtel (D 2021 – R: Susanna Wüstneck)
Schlöppmanns Hut (D 2020 – R: Christine Nippoldt)
Bonbon – Das Musical (D 2020 – R: Daniel Meier)
Michael Ironside And I (D 2020 – R: Marian Mayland)


Germany 2020 – 13:55 min – Director: Johannes Klais & Florian Pawliczek

Ruhr area, April 2020: A cobbler, a barkeeper and a cellist are confronted with the Corona lockdown. Three people are portrayed, who could not be any more different in profession and personality, but still have a lot in common in the way they deal with the crisis and in their perspective on life.

Biography Johannes Klais & Florian Pawliczek

Johannes Klais was born and raised in Dortmund in 1977. After graduating from high school and his training as a sound engineer, he worked in film sound postproduction in Cologne for three years. In 2003, he enrolled in camera studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. Since graduating as a cinematographer in 2010, he has been living in Dortmund and working as a freelance cinematographer and filmmaker.

Florian Pawliczek was born in 1981 in the Ardey Mountains between Dortmund and Hagen in the small town of Herdecke. He studied camera at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund and now works as a freelance cameraman and filmmaker.


2020 Aus aktuellem Anlass
2018 Fasse dich kurz!
2017 Einwurf zwanzig Pfennig

© (Bild 2) Julia Scheibeck

(Contact: info@fpfilm.de, www.fpfilm.de)


Germany 2021 – 09:08 min – Director: Susanna Wüstneck

Masematte (regional dialect) is alive. Susanna Wüstneck’s poem is proof oft hat. It tells the story of a “Techtelmechtel” (love affair) between “Hegel” (man) and “Kaline” (woman) in dialect. Lovingly illustrated, the film takes us on a linguistic journey that amuses, surprises and revives the Masematte vocabulary of the people of Münster.

Biography Susanna Wüstneck

Susanne Wüstneck was born in 1964 in East Berlin. While working as a kindergarten teacher, she rediscovered her love for music and poetry and has published a book and a CD since. Since 2007, she has produced many films.


2021 Techtelmechtel
2021 Kein Brot ohne Spiele
2018 Keinheimatfilm


Germany 2020 – 06:48 min – Director: Christine Nippoldt

A man in the hat, an artist pressed for time, and two children who have nothing but silly ideas on their minds: And suddenly a new art form is born. Charming and entertaining, the silent film tells the story of a day in the life of an artist, when nothing goes according to plan, but in the end, everything falls into place.

Biography Christine Nippoldt

Christine Nippoldt was born in Regensburg in 1979. She graduated from the Bauhaus University Weimar in 2004. She is co-founder of the studio “Hafenstraße 64” in Münster and is a full-time children’s book author and illustrator.


2020 Schlöppmanns Hut
2014 The Book Artist
2002 Flavie und Ruth

(Contact: www.christine-nippoldt.de)


Germany 2020 – 19:24 min – Director: Daniel Meier

Everyone knows the child from the candy advertisement. Unfortunately, it is a candy of all things that causes his death. A new face has to be casted and parents scramble to get their offspring onto the poster. But the nanny of the deceased boy does everything to ensure that no one takes his place. Colorful, extravagamt, macabre.

Biography Daniel Meier

Daniel Meier was born in Minden in 1994 and began shooting his first short films at the age of 11. He filmed his first musical A New Worldin 2013 as part of a school project. From 2014 to 2019, he studied media production with a focus on directing and screenwriting at the University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe. After numerous film projects, Sweet but Deadly – The Musicalwas part of his Bachelor’s thesis.

© Benedict Uphoff

(Contact: dominic.wittrin@stud.th-owl.de)


Germany 2020 – 14:52 min – Director: Marian Mayland

We find ourselves in fictional rooms of a childhood in the 1990s. The rooms are deserted, but the lights are still on, the technology is running. What has become of their protagonists? Male, technology-savvy adolescents?

Biography Marian Mayland

Marian Mayland was born in 1988 in Bocholt, Germany. He finished his studies at the Art Institute at the HGK Basel in 2015 and has engaged himself in various forms of documentary narration ever since. His works are shown in exhibitions and at festivals such as Oberhausen Int’l Short Film Festival, IDFA Amsterdam, Edinburgh Filmfestival, EMAF Osnabrueck and Hamburg Int’l Short Film Festival.


2020 Michael Ironside And I
2020 Dunkelfeld
2017 Eine Kneipe auf Mallorca

(Contact: mail@marianmayland.de)