Westfalen Connection

Once again this year, the best film from the region will be selected in the “Westfalen Connection” section. These are films that range between classic and experimental forms, that either focus on Münster and Westphalia or that were produced by filmmakers from the region or shot here. The winner will be chosen by a jury of his or her own, and the makers of the winning film will receive prize money of €500, donated by the Münster-based Stiftung Westfalen-Initiative.

A colorful mix of different films will be shown in two programs, ranging from documentaries and musicals to a poetry dance film and a language trip in Masematte, which have deep roots in the history of Münsterland. Through their films, the up-and-coming filmmakers in particular create space for important social issues that preoccupy the younger generation in particular, such as mental health, the urgency of the climate crisis, or the longing to escape everyday life and venture into the unknown.

specials complement the short film programs: The film “Qazi,” which will have its German premiere at the Filmfestival Münster. It is the directorial debut of Anil Fastenau and Münster native Jakob Gehrmann. Making its preview on the big screen is “City of Hope” – a film project by Julia Jacob in which more than 300 citizens of Ahlen were involved in the filming – both in front of and behind the camera – between 2017 and 2019.

  • Westphalia Connection Program I
    Alone (D 2021 – R: Amechi Oji & Jakob Bey) Das abstürzende Luftschiff (D 2020 – R: Ivan Dubrovin) Mavis und Kosmas (D 2020 – R: Zauri Matikashvili) Jack & June (D 2020 – R: T. Olcay, R. Nitsch & P. Hilgedieck) Keines Menschen eigen (D 2020 – R: Bettina Henningsen) weg von hier (D 2021 – R: Jan Thierhoff)
  • Westphalia Connection Program II
    Aus aktuellem Anlass (D 2020 – R: J. Klais & F. Pawliczek) Techtelmechtel (D 2021 – R: Susanna Wüstneck) Schlöppmanns Hut (D 2020 – R: Christine Nippoldt) Bonbon – Das Musical (D 2020 – R: Daniel Meier) Michael Ironside And I (D 2020 – R: Marian Mayland)
  • Qazi
    Germany, Pakistan 2021 – Director: Anil Fastenau & Jakob Gehrmann – Screenplay: Anil Fastenau – Cinematography: Jakob Gehrmann – Music: Dominik Schuster – Starring: Anil Fastenau, Nargis Yaqoob, Faraz Yousaf, Francis Gulzar u.a. – 81 minutes
  • Stadt der Hoffnung / City of Hope
    Germany 2021 – Director & Screenplay: Julia Jacob – Artistic advisor: Tom Lass – Editing: Romola Davies – Starring: Ilayda Cilingir, Simge Kütük, Altan Mithat Öztürk, Yavuz Gökmen u.a. – Episode 1 (Family): 44 minutes, Episode 2 (Freedom): 44 minutes