Provincial Film Days

Luise and her sisters: Women in front of and behind the camera

Women are still underrepresented in the film industry, both in front of and behind the camera. Why this is so, how it might be changed, and whether new formats also mean new and more opportunities for women are the questions explored by the “Provincial Film Days 2021.” Under the title “Luise and her Sisters: Women in front of and behind the camera,” Filmservice Münster.Land and Die Linse e.V., as organizers of the “Provincial Film Days,” are offering two panel discussions on this complex of topics on September 16 and 17 in cooperation with the film festival. The topics will be equal opportunities and the potential of web series.

Thursday, 16.9. at 7 pm

The association “Pro Quote” also brought the issue of women’s unfair access to funding and jobs, as well as their structural discrimination, back into focus in the cultural and film sectors. Since Corona, you don’t hear much more on the subject. Is everything palatable now?

Participants: Susanna Wüstneck (director “Keinheimatfilm”), Anna Schlottbohm (director “Die Berkel”), Lotte Ruf (producer “Haus Kummerveldt”) and Corinne Le Hong (showrunner “Hail Helene”), hosted by Horst Herz.

Free admission.

Haus Kummerveldt

Thursday, 16.9. at 8:45 pm

Luise von Kummerveldt wants to become world famous, preferably as a writer. But the German Empire does not provide fame for women, and the female scope of action in this patriarchal society is tighter than the corset they have to wear. “Haus Kummerveldt” is Germany’s first fictional historical short-form series – its basic ingredients: Melancholy, morbidity and black humor.

End of the 19th century in the German Empire. Luise von Kummerveldt and her father, the baron, live together with a housekeeper and servant at a moated castle in Münsterland. Luise’s passion is literature; she wants to go down in history as a famous writer. Just as she is about to send her manuscript to a publisher, her father dies, whereupon Luise’s younger brother Veit becomes her guardian.

Germany 2020 – Director: Mark Lorei – Screenplay: Cecilia Röski – Cinematography: Henning Wirtz – With Milena Straube, Marcel Becker-Neu, Leonie Rainer, Fabian Nolte, Wolf Danny Homann a.o. – 80 min.

Panel Discussion “Making of a Web Series”

Friday, 17.9. at 7 pm

The World Wide Web has become another platform for presenting and exploiting films, and not just through streaming services. What is lucrative about making films for the Internet? And to what extent do the production and distribution conditions differ from those for the big screen?

Participants: Simon Jöcker (“Crimeboy”), Lotte Ruf (“Haus Kummerveldt”), Daniel Huhn (“HeimatKino”) and Benjamin Leers (“HeimatKino”), hosted by Jens Schneiderheinze (Die Linse e.V.).

Free admission.

An event of Filmservice Münster.Land with Die Linse e.V.