The Westfalen Connection connects the festival with the region

With the support of the Westfalen-Initiative Foundation, which provided the prize money of 500 euros, the Münster Film Festival is once again presenting films from Münster and the region in the current edition.

In two programs, current short films are presented in both thematically and formally wide range. Documentary observations in times of the Corona lockdown are represented just as much as experimental visual worlds, for example when the words of the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff float over dancing bodies in “Keines Menschen Eigen”. “Mavis und Kosmas” describes the invisible working world of cleaners, “Techtelmechtel” lovingly illustrates a masemate poem, and “Bonbon” is a shrill, macabre musical in short form.

Two specials complement the short film programs: The feature-length film “Qazi” tells the dramatic story of a young Pakistani refugee who is forced by economic and family circumstances to try his luck in Europe. The directorial debut of Anil Fastenau together with Münster native Jakob Gehrmann will have its German premiere at the Münster Film Festival.

Also making its debut on the big screen is “City of Hope” – a film project by Julia Jacob that depicts the world of “New German Kids” in a small town in southern Münsterland. The first two episodes are intended as the pilot of a series that will tell an authentic story about the lives of german-turkish youth. Around 60 young people took part in developing the script and more than 300 Ahlen citizens were involved in the filming – both in front of and behind the camera – between 2017 and 2019.

“Looking at the many ‘homegrown’ film productions worth seeing makes it clear that innovative projects are also being created away from the big media cities, and we want to give them special visibility at the Münster Film Festival,” says Carsten Happe, who co-directs the festival with Risna Olthuis.

Programm 1
Alone (Deutschland 2021 – 05:30 min – Regie: Amechi Oji & Jakob Bey)
Das abstürzende Luftschiff (Deutschland 2020 – 12:59 min – Regie: Ivan Dubrovin)
Mavis und Kosmas (Deutschland 2020 – 16:29 – Regie: Zauri Matikashvili)
Jack & June (Deutschland 2020 – 14:15 min – Regie: Tim Olcay, Rilana Nitsch & Paul Hilgedieck)
Keines Menschen eigen (Deutschland 2020 – 08:51 min – Regie: Bettina Henningsen)
weg von hier (Deutschland 2021 – 28:30 min – Regie: Jan Thierhoff)

Programm 2
Aus aktuellem Anlass (Deutschland 2020 – 13:55 min – Regie: Johannes Klais & Florian Pawliczek)
Techtelmechtel (Deutschland 2021 – 09:08 min – Regie: Susanna Wüstneck)
Schlöppmanns Hut (Deutschland 2020 – 06:48 min – Regie: Christine Nippoldt)
Bonbon – Das Musical (Deutschland 2020 – 19:24 min – Regie: Daniel Meier)
Michael Ironside And I (Deutschland 2020 – 14:52 min – Regie: Marian Mayland)

Qazi (Deutschland, Pakistan 2021 – 81 min – Regie: Anil Fastenau & Jakob Gehrmann)
Stadt der Hoffnung (Deutschland 2021 – 88 min – Regie: Julia Jacob)