Mashariki Shortfilmprogram

Luna (RWA 2018 · R, D: Bora Shingiro · kinyarw. OmeU
Breaking Ground (RWA 2020, R, D: Inès Girihirwe · kinyarw./engl. OmeU)
Ibihozo (RWA 2020 · R, D: Mutiganda wa Nkunda · kinyarw. OmeU)

Wed 22. September • 6.30 pm

This year the “Mashariki Film Festival” is guest in Cologne and also in Münster!
The films will be presented by Gloria Bucyana, staff member of the festival in Rwanda.


Rwanda 2018· Director & Screenplay: Bora Shingiro · Kinyarwanda · OV with English subtitles · 20:00 minutes 

After murdering her father, schoolgirl Luna finds herself on the run from the law. Likewise, she goes in search of her mother, by whom Luna was abandoned a long time ago.

Breaking Ground

Rwanda 2020 ·Director & Screenplay: Inès Girihirwe Kinyarwanda/English · OV with English subtitles · 13:00 minutes 

After spending the day with a supportive group of women, Anna decides to look at herself in a new light. 

Ibihozo (Rockabye)

Rwanda 2020 · Director & Screenplay: Mutiganda wa Nkunda·Kinyarwanda · OV with English subtitles · 15:00 minutes 

In today´s Kigali, a young mother tries to reconcile prostitution and raising her children. 

Gloria Bucyana

Gloria Bucyana has been active in festival and arts management for more than four years. This year, she is leading the event organization of the Mashariki African Film Festival in Kigali, Rwanda. Previously, she has worked on film selection, technical implementation and press relations for the festival, as well as in the logistics department and guest relations. She has been involved in workshops on topics such as “girls in cinema,” has worked as a makeup designer and traditional dancer, and is also involved “as an advocate for artists* and justice.” FilmInitiativ invited Gloria Bucyana to AFFK to discuss cooperation possibilities with the Mashariki African Film Festival in Rwanda. A return visit of FilmInitiativ to the Mashariki Festival is planned for December 2021.