De Dick Maas Methode | The Dick Maas Method

Netherlands 2020 – Director & Screenplay: Jeffrey De Vore – Cinematography: Jelle Dijkstra, Jorrit Garretsen, Niels Bakker – Starring: Dick Maas, Huub Stapel, Monique Van de Ven, Martin Koolhoven u.a. – 97 minutes

The definitive documentary on Dick Maas, Holland’s only true genre filmmaker and director of the cult hits “De Lift “, “Flodder” and “Amsterdamned”.

Dick Maas pushed the boundaries of commercial filmmaking in Holland, breaking those box office records previously held by Paul Verhoeven with his comedies, horror and action films. In collaboration with Maas, Jeffrey De Vore has created a unique document that includes never-before-seen archival footage and candid interviews with the director himself as well as famous colleagues such as actors Huub Stapel and Tatjana Simic, Golden Earring singer Barry Hay, cult director Roel Reiné and stunt coordinator Dickey Beer. The film also doesn’t gloss over the later turbulence of Maas’ attempts at Hollywood, as well as the times of failure.

Jeffrey De Vore



2020 De Dick Maas Methode
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