Rehearsal Room Film: Youth Curates

Sunday, 26.9 at 3 pm

How does a curation team play together? In the “Proberaum Film” five young adults set out to find out and programmed a short film block for the film festival. As part of the “Youth Curates” project, the group watched selected short films from past festivals together with Anna Schlottbohm and Jassin Makoul. After a digital kick-off, the team was also able to meet in person for viewing and discuss intensively together: What does a film do to us when we see it? What criteria do we use to judge it? What makes it worth seeing? This also involved getting closer to the peculiarities of the short film.

At the Münster Film Festival, the young film curators explain their selection and present their personal favorites to the audience in their film pleas: “The Centrifuge Brain Project” unravels an amazing tale about learning curves and centrifugal force. “The Ballad of Ella Plumhoff” is a humorous coming-of-age film that captivates the viewer with its whimsical characters, detailed set design and careful mise en scène. In “Aquarium,” a visit to the swimming pool turns serious and bloody while also making you think. And “Zu dir?” is a short film in which Münster’s harbor and the Hansa district play a prominent role.


A short film block curated by Jannis Damm, Fenia Kirsch, Ole Reif und Daria Rimbasiu.

Aquarium: IT 2018, Regie: Lorenzo Puntoni, 15:00 min

Die Ballade von Ella Plumhoff: D 2015, Regie: Barbara Kronenberg, 28:59 min

The Centrifuge Brain Project: D 2011, Regie: Till Nowak, 06:35 min

Zu dir?: D 2012, Regie: Sylvia Borges, 28:46 min