Dune Dreams

France, Belgium 2021 – Director & Screenplay: Samuel Doux – Cinematography: Jean-Louis Vialard – Music: Mathieu Baillot – Starring Benoît Magimel, Igor van Dessel, Agata Buzek, Johannes Kuhnke, Mercedes Cabral – OmeU – 95 minutes

A brilliant surgeon moves to Dubai to build a new life after a tragic event. But the ghosts of the past still haunt him. An unpredictable psychological trip starring Benoît Magimel (“The Piano Teacher”).

After the death of his wife, Simon tries a new start and moves to Dubai with his son Camille. In this extraordinary city, Camille quickly manages to forget, let go and start a new life. But for Simon, it’s not so easy. He begins to sense an unsettling presence in their home – someone lurking quietly and patiently in the shadows. Could it really be his doppelganger? Simon begins to feel uneasy and thinks he’s going crazy. But he is not the only one who feels threatened in this way. It seems to be the same for everyone in Dubai, who refuses to sever ties with their past.

Samuel Doux

Filmmaker, screenwriter and novelist Samuel Doux (1974, France) grew up in the Parisian suburbs and began his career as a theatre teacher and actor. After studying literature at Sorbonne, Doux created his own theatre company and started writing his own plays. From 2007, he devoted himself to making short films, which were shown at many international festivals, including Clermont-Ferrand and Locarno. He has published four novels and co-written screenplays with notable filmmakers Laurent Cantet, Cédric Khan, Joachim Lafosse, and Farid Bentoumi.




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